Quest Journal (book 2), #7, (117-123)

(continuing) #7 (117-123)©

117  “Religion” is simply “politics camouflaged in spiritual sounding rhetoric”.  There is much “religion” and compromise between and among different people, and in our own concept of who we are and in our rationalization of the realities of life, faith, and relationship with God [Jehovah].  We must decide whether we will be content with being a member of the Christian ‘religious’ community, or strive to become a true Christian and true member of the BODY OF CHRIST [Truly Believe].


118  God has a great and precious Vision [promises and future] for our life.  If we are not the one to fulfill that Vision – who is?  If we are going to start toward fulfillment of that Vision – if not now, when?  Being a partaker of [at least some] aspect of “the divine nature” will give us [at least some] access to God’s Kingdom.  Accepting Christ is the initial aspect of the divine nature we must enter into, and that acceptance is our initial access to the blessings of God’s Kingdom.  [Mt.3:17, 17:5; Mk.1:11; 2ndPeter 1:2-4, 17]


119  God’s true sons and daughters are not afraid to be held accountable for their life.

Criminals [natural and spiritual] are forced to be accountable.

Are we afraid to be held accountable for our life?  Do we spend our times of life-contemplation trying to dodge believing and doing the things the Holy Spirit is impressing us to believe and do, and manipulating our beliefs, thoughts and actions in order to justify, follow, and fulfill our own carnal cravings instead of God’s righteous will?


120  People who are not going anywhere do not need a leader – everyone else does.  On the ‘road’ to finding personal relationship/fellowship with God, we can follow righteous people to a certain extent, but ultimately we must allow the Holy Spirit to be our guide.  If we do not learn to allow the Holy Spirit to be our personal guide, our relationship/fellowship with God and our future in His Kingdom, will always be very limited.


121 Spiritual, mental, and physical satisfaction and complacency, produce character, conscience and life gridlock [life stagnation].


122  Spiritual Vision and Righteous Leadership are necessary in all aspects of our life.  Without these elements of life we will be confused and lost in overwhelming carnality and trouble.  [Prov.29:18, Hos.4:6]


123  There is a difference between wishful thinking [dreaming] and Vision.  Wishful thinking hopes someone else [even God] will make things happen in our life.  Vision sees the part we must play in helping bring those things to pass.  [2ndPeter 1:2-9]


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Quest Journal (bood 2), #6 (115-116)

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115-   We have such a desire to feel good about ourselves and our future, and to be in that group of individuals who are pleasing to and blessed by God, that we allow emotion to rule our logic about the reality of God’s Word.  We convince ourselves that the fulfillment of our carnal desires is the total purpose of the promises in God’s Word, and we wind up propagating false doctrine.  Through our insecurity, we accept any interpretation of Scripture [even if compromised] that seems to satisfy our need for acceptance and security in God.  Because of emotional drive and spiritual laziness, we would rather [it would seem, sometimes unintentionally] accept delusion than to acknowledge our insecurities, ignorance, self-centeredness and other shortcomings.  [Rom.1:22-32; Eph.4:11-15; James 5:19-20; 2ndPeter 2:9-22, 3:14-18; Jude 10-13; Rev.13:10, 14:12]

116-   We, in our carnality, desire the fulfillment of God’s great and precious promises and at the same time ignore the conditions attached to those promises.

[Example]  In Isaiah 26:3[WSV], the Prophet was speaking a great promise of God, back to God.  3You will keep him in perfect peace [security, health, prosperity, peace, wholeness], whose mind is stayed [secured, lie hard upon – upheld like a tent on its center pole (support frame)] on You:

We desire the fulfillment of that promise; but if we neglect the foundational condition {3(cont.)… because he trusts in [is boldly reliant upon (truly confident in)] You (: the condition of/in the Covenant through which God’s promises can be received)].}, we make it impossible for God’s promises to manifest in our life.  Our lack of Trust is not necessarily in the reliability of God’s ability, but is our lack of confidence in the reliability and availability of God’s Covenant to work to our benefit as we live by its conditions.  For the “gates” to God’s “promised land” to be open to us, we must take into account the preceding verse: Isa. 26:2[WSV], “2Open you the [Lord, program your] gates, that [entry ‘codes’(credentials) to allow only] the righteous nation which [person, those who] keeps [nurture, preserve by living in] the [your] Truth [Covenant][,] may [to] enter in[to the blessings of your Kingdom].”  [Mt.7:13-23, 11:27-30, 1stCor.2:12-14]

Isa.26:2-3[EV], “2Lord, program your entry ‘codes1’ to allow only the righteous person, those who keep2 your Truth3, to enter into the blessings of your Kingdom.  3You will keep him in perfect peace1, whose mind is stayed2 on You: because he is boldly reliant upon3 You4.”

 Isaiah, 26:2(1) credentials; 26:2(2) nurture, preserve by living in; 26:2(3) Covenant; 26:3(1) security, health, prosperity, peace, wholeness; 26:3(2) secured, lie hard upon – upheld like a tent on its center pole [support frame]; 26:3(3) truly confident in; 26:3(4) : the condition of/in the Covenant through which God’s promises can be received

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Quest Journal (book 2) sections 112-114

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112-   Is our time worth anything?  Is the length and health of our life worth anything?

Deut.12:23[WSV], 23Only be sure that you do not eat the blood: for the blood is the life [of the flesh]; and you may [must] not eat [consume] the life with the flesh.”

We expend our life and health in pursuit of earthly provision; but life and health are the gift of God.  Just as our physical blood is the life of our body, our tithe to God’s true work [not its ‘religious’ counterfeit] in the earth is the life of our true [not hypothetical, or religiously delusioned – but actual] God-provided prosperity in the earth.  If God is to be able to prosper us in earthly wisdom, knowledge, goods, strength, years, and health, we must not ‘eat the spiritual blood’ that gives them life.  Not diminishing the fact that our whole life should be dedicated and yielded to God, at least a tithe of our time on earth must be specifically dedicated to God [spiritually, not ‘religiously’].  “Tithe” = one tenth.  Have we given even the tithe of our time to Christ today?  One-tenth of 24 hours = 2 hrs. 24 min.  Even if we think an eight hour workday is all the tithe should cover [or all we think is appropriate], the tithe on eight hours = 48 min.  If we expect our earthly wisdom, knowledge, goods, strength, years, and health to be blessed by God, the tithe [blood] of our time must not be consumed along with, or in the same manner as, the time we spend in pursuit of non-God-specific things.  [Deut.12:20a, 14:22; Mal.3:6 – 4:3; Mt.23:23; Lk.11:42; Heb.6:10 – 10:39]

113-  The sovereignty of God is the independence of God from any outside force in keeping his Covenant: the Covenant he made with Humanity through Jesus: the ‘New’ Covenant.  God does not owe any allegiance to anyone or anything except his Word: his Covenant.  God is also independent of our ignorance of his Covenant.  God’s Covenant rules over everything.  Ps.138:2 says that God honors his Word [Covenant] even above his own ‘name’ [His position, honor, character, and authority].

114-  There is no greater deceiver than he who deceives himself.  Accepting and implementing God’s Truth in our life is our only defense against deception.  [Jn.14:6-7]

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Quest Journal (book 2), #4, 109-111

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109-   When God does a work, what right do we have to corrupt it?  Are we corrupting the Truth about God’s Love, Salvation, Peace, Health, Healing, Security, etc. in the life of others through our actions, example, and teachings?

110-   We are like a child clumsily drawing a picture: “That’s good enough; I’m doing great” – not able to distinguish and express the true vision God has for his people and the world.

111-   1stCor.1:18-21[WSV], 18-2021… by the foolishness of preaching to save them that [those who will] believe.”

Preaching accesses the carnal [natural] mind of the hearer, and is supposed to set up a desire to receive from the hearer’s human spirit, which is able, and supposed to, receive from the Holy Spirit [the authentic present wisdom and power of The Word of God in our life].  We are the ones who [consciously or sub/super-consciously] set the criteria for the direction of our life; design the route and connect to the supply that enables us to pursue the vision we believe in; and if, when, or where there will be a connect, or disconnect, with the power and creative flow of God in our life.  If our criteria and application of life-principles match the requirements of God’s Covenant, we connect with the power and creative flow God has supplied to us through the Holy Spirit.  If they do not match, we do not connect and are left to live our life dependent upon our own earthbound resources and devices.  [2ndCor.2:14-17]

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Quest Journal (book 2), #3, (107-8)

(continuing),  section #3, (107-108)

107-   In resolving conflicts with unbelievers, or conflicts within our own mind, try arguing the opposing position.  If we cannot argue the opposing position, we do not understand that position, and thus disqualify ourselves as its judge.  Without accurate knowledge and understanding, it is possible to be prejudiced, bigoted, and condemnatory, or even loving, open minded, and encouraging, but these things do not qualify us to be a judge.  As Christ’s disciples, if we do not correctly understand God’s position, we cannot accurately judge and fully justify our position.  If we do not correctly understand another person’s perspective, we cannot accurately judge that perspective.  That is why it is so important for the Holy Spirit to dominate our perspective.  A judge cannot be a righteous judge unless he can accurately perceive a situation from the perspective of both sides, and judge accordingly based on God’s everlasting Truth: His Word.  [Deut.1:16-17; 1stKings 3:16-28; Ps.67:3-4, 96:10-13; Prov.31:4-9; Jer.11:20; Jn.7:24; Rom.2:5; 2ndThess.1:3-5; 1stPeter 2:21-23]

108-   The things we classify as “facts” [scientific] are based on our interpretation of the things that are measured and/or observed, but our interpretations are not necessarily accurate.  In order to be accurate, they must be substantiated through measurable, observable, and lasting applications.  Only when our measurements, observations, and interpretations are aligned with Truth can our “facts” be considered reliably accurate.

Life has no reference point unless it is compared with, and based on, absolute Truth.  What I read somewhere remains true: “The mind can only repose on the stability of Truth.”  The closer our beliefs come to matching absolute Truth, the clearer our vision of spiritual and carnal reality becomes.  [(Webster’s) Reality: “Something that exists independently of ideas concerning it.  Something that exists independently of all other things and from which all other things derive.”]  God’s Truth remains reality, no matter how we choose to interpret the “facts”.

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Quest Journal (book 2), sections 104-106

[Quest Journal (book 2) continuing] #2 (104-106)

104-  1stCor.2:14[WSV], 14The natural [carnal (physical-dominant) mind of] man cannot receive [obtain, retain, have, hold] the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him [it], neither can he [it] know [make sense of] them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

We live a multidimensional life [spirit, mind, body], with each dimension having its own abilities and limitations; and each dimension can only interact with the next dimension on either side of itself.  Our body [which includes our brain] can only interact with our mind [mental attributes (one dimension ‘up’)], and with our own body and the world external of that body [the third dimension].  Our mind can only interact with our body [one dimension ‘down’] and our spirit [one dimension ‘up’].  Our spirit can only interact with our mind [one dimension ‘down’] and the Holy Spirit [one dimension ‘up’].  If our spirit is not truly interacting with the Holy Spirit, then our personal spirit is the highest authority our life can access – which is the position of everyone in the world except truly born-again Christians who are spiritually interacting with the Holy Spirit.

Our natural [carnal] mind is not equipped to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say or to make decisions that have to do with the spiritual realm’s influence on our life.  Our spirit is the only part of us that is able to hear the voice of Holy Spirit, and the only part of us able to make spiritual decisions.  Our spiritual condition determines whether we are prepared to make decisions helpful to our momentary, extended, and eternal life.  If our spirit is in unity with the Holy Spirit, it will lead our mind to educate itself in the Written Word of God [which enables and encourages more unity], or, by default [without a unity relationship with the Holy Spirit], our mind will be educated in the carnal ways of the world’s philosophical systems and desires.  If our spirit is smart, it will yield its spiritual decisions [which control our entire life] to the Holy Spirit, and prepare our mind to hear, understand, and obey the voice of our spirit [which, according to God’s system, should be receiving instruction and power from the Holy Spirit] [Prov.15:14, 19:1-3; Rom.8:7-10, 12:1-2; 1stCor.1:18]

105-   I am loaded with symptoms of good health – Really!

106-   If we decide [spiritually] that we can live without the blessings of God – we will live without them.  If we decide [spiritually] that we will not live without the blessings of God – we will not live without them.  Even in the natural realm, self-sufficient isolation will drive us to our grave.

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Quest Journal ( Book 2) sections 101-103

Quest Journal (book 2), continuation of ): post #1 (101-103)

101-   We cannot have it both ways.  We cannot be offended at others and remain “in the Spirit” at the same time.  There is no offense in the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit; so if we are offended – even at the perceived ignorance of others – we must repent and return to Peace, which is in/of God.  [Mt.11:28-30; Rom.8:9-11; Gal.5:16, 25; Phil.1:9-11; 1stPeter 4:6]

102-   Mt.22:21[KJV], 21…  Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”  The human spirit, mind, and body have been made according to God’s design, and He owns the ‘patent’ and product.  So, whose move is it?

103-    Crutches are devices used to compensate for a weakness.  Some people say in mockery, “Christians are just psychologically and philosophically weak people who need a crutch in life.”  Praise God!  All human lives are broken, crippled, and weak, in comparison to perfection – but Christians are the ones who have knowledge of where to find real help in life, and the good sense to seek that help.  There is however, a catch; we must stay out of the emotional quicksand of ego-driven ‘super spirituality’, hypocrisy, and mindless robotics [in word and behavior] that suck far too many Christians into that place of exhibitionism that the world, and God, find so offensive.  [Mt.6:1-8, 16-21, 15:7-9, 23:11-15, 25-31, 25:45-51; Mk.7:6-9]

It is very hard for us to recognize our own spiritual blind spots, especially if emotions are our primary ‘guiding light’.  No one likes to admit, and especially to ourselves, that we have spiritual deficiencies; and our sense of spiritual insecurity seems to be multiplied if we are in a position of “social significance”.  Because we do have emotional and social hindrances to our spiritual growth and maturity, God gave us the Holy Spirit to be our personal, private, ever-present counselor to keep our life in perspective; but, to take advantage of that counselor we must learn to understand the ‘language’ [purpose and teachings] of the Holy Spirit.  Mentorship in the ‘language’ of the Holy Spirit is the primary responsibility and accountability of the true Church and ministers of God’s Word.  Churches and ministers are not perfect, but we can surpass any shortcomings they may have, if we ourselves learn to pay attention to the Holy Spirit.

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